Signs You Need a Second Opinion on Your Medical Imaging’s Diagnosis

After experiencing distressing symptoms, it can be a relief to get the “all clear” following a medical imaging or even a relief in a way to at least have a condition or illness identified so you can begin treatment. However, in the case of the former, you likely still have symptoms to deal with and few answers for what’s causing them. In the latter, it can be overwhelming to deal with lifestyle changes as a result of the diagnosis. In either case, look for signs you could use a second opinion from an independent medical imaging center.

You’re Still Suffering

Visit and arrange your second medical imaging today. Whether it’s been months since your initial diagnosis or just a few days, a second opinion can help you decide whether or not you’ve been following the right plan of treatment. This is especially crucial when your symptoms are remaining the same or worsening, whether it’s because your doctor insisted there was nothing to worry about or because he diagnosed incorrectly and the medicines and lifestyle changes prescribed aren’t helping to alleviate your suffering.

The Doctor Is Being Pushy

While doctors usually have your best interest at heart, if yours is forgetting her bedside manner and forcing you into treatment you’re uncomfortable with, or rushing you through an explanation of what was found on your first test, it’s worth stepping back and getting another opinion. Let the provider of your second imaging know that you felt rushed and uncomfortable in the aftermath of the first and you’ll be sure to receive more thorough explanations and better service.

It’s Been a While Since Your First Scan

Sometimes in the earliest stages of medical conditions and illnesses, there aren’t a lot of indicators that can be discovered during a scan. However, if you get the “all clear” from your doctor, it’s possible that the condition will continue to develop and become more visible within a few months or even weeks. If you’re still having issues, get your second opinion from a third party provider.

There are virtually no cases where a second opinion doesn’t help. It can either confirm the original diagnosis, allowing you to move forward with confidence in the treatment plan, or give you reason to dispute the diagnosis and reexamine the path forward – possibly saving you from starting expensive or useless treatments. Get peace of mind by scheduling a second medical imaging today. At an independent medical imaging center, your wait times will prove rather short.

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