Nasi Gurih, So Yummy!

If you are a rich-of-taste food lover, then many food originated from Melayu land like Indonesia will satisfy your taste buds. Indonesia is well known with its rich of taste food since it has a wide range of spices which some could not be found anywhere else. The spices are used by Indonesian to make herbal medicine and put into many of their cooking recipes one of which is nasi gurih.

The existence of Nasi Gurih is predicted since 16th century – first known in Aceh, and known by majority of Indonesian through trading process. The uniqueness of this dish is on its rice. Nasi gurih had a different taste from usual rice because it is cooked differently. In the cooking process some spices and thick coconut milk are added and it makes a delicate aroma and pleasant taste.

It is mouthwatering, isn’t it? But the delish of the dish is not over yet. There are some side dish such as fried tofu, thin-sliced omelet, fried chicken, sliced cucumber and sambal are added to complete the dish,

Nasi gurih could easily be found in Indonesia. We do not need to try hard to find this dish since many small stalls sell this dish as their source of income. This food is hunted by many people because it is cheap and pampered natives’ taste buds. That what makes nasi gurih included in the list of the most tempting food in Indonesia.

Because of the massive amount of articles about the delicateness of nasi gurih in the internet, many tourists are interested and tried this dish when they visited Indonesia. For whoever read this article from the start, might doubt to taste nasi gurih because it might taste too strong to you. But surprisingly, even the western who are adjusted to light-tasted food could accept the taste and tempted by it. The rice itself and the side dishes are combined perfectly.

If you are in Indonesia, or is going to visit Indonesia one day do not hesitate to try this cuisine because of some reasons. First, because this dish had a unique taste that would pamper your taste-buds, and it is affordable. Second, you could find nasi gurih easily in Indonesia. Third, because this dish does not only match natives’ tongue but many tourists from all around the world including western, maybe yours too and even craving for more? Last but not least, because why not?

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